Although Baccarat is a very old game, players are still excited to play it and make real money on baccarat. Over hundreds of years, people created new versions of this card game giving names such as Punto Banco and Chemin de Fer. Nevertheless, the basic rules remained unchanged which is why any classic baccarat player can find a way to win a baccarat round. To date, not only land-based casinos can offer baccarat tables but also various gambling platforms are there to provide baccarat online.

How to Play Live Baccarat

Many players don’t know how to start playing live games for real money. However, it isn’t that difficult. It’s just as if you were playing the RNG-based version of baccarat online. The main difference is the limited time for placing bets. If you use a betting strategy, you need to be very fast at making bets.

  1. Pick an online casino that offers baccarat games and sign up.
  2. Make a deposit using your preferred banking option. You can fund your casino account using the cashier.
  3. If you want to have some extra funds for your real money play, you can claim a bonus. However, make sure you can use it on live baccarat.
  4. Go to the casino lobby and select the live games. Choose the game you want to play. We recommend playing games from Evolution, Playtech, and Pragmatic Play.
  5. When betting is allowed, place your bets using the buttons on the game panel.
  6. To increase your chances, you can use different betting strategies and place bets according to the scheme.

How Online Baccarat Is Played Out

Baccarat games offered online don’t differ from real games that you can play at a local casino. In general, baccarat games are quite easy to understand and play. When you are playing baccarat online, there is only one action you have to perform by yourself — wagering. This is how baccarat works:

  • Wager before cards are dealt. Betting is allowed at the beginning of each new round. Don’t think for too long because in live baccarat you are short on time. Place your chips on the hand that you think will win. Plus, you can make side bets.
  • The hands are dealt. When all bets are placed, the dealer gives out two hands of cards. One for the banker, and the other one for the player. According to the rules of the current baccarat version, each hand hits with a certain rank.
  • Winning. You win the round if your hand is closer to 9 than the opposite hand. When the cards are added up, the first digit gets dropped. For example, if you have 9 and 7 which is 16 in total, 1 is dropped, so you’re left with a 6.

In Conclusion

Online or live baccarat is easy. Literally, you aren’t even holding the cards in your hands. You can just sit at home and play your favorite game. This is how easily you can make money online from the comfort of your home.